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Cablecraft Specialist Sleeving Division | Incorporating Birch Valley Plastics Ltd & Krempfast Ltd

Sumitomo Heatshrink Sleevings

Krempfast are a leading partner of Sumitomo SEI (Europe) on Sumitube Heat shrinkable tubing, shapes and heat shrink identification products, that are all manufactured within the EU. The products are designed to provide an excellent electrical, chemical and mechanical protection for harnessing in automotive and electrical cables in electronic industries.


Below you will find our most popular products, simply send us an enquiry if you require any further information.


sumitumo-w3nh    sumitumo-an25 sumitumo-sb1300 

sumitumo-SCD    sumitumo-SCM2 sumitumo-SCM2

sumitumo-A2    sumitumo-A2  sumitumo-B11

sumitumo-A2    sumitumo-B11   sumitumo-B11

sumitumo-B2    sumitumo-B2  sumitumo-B55

sumitumo-B8    sumitumo-F2   sumitumo-F4

sumitumo-fc4p     sumitumo-nh3   sumitumo-nh

sumitumo-02     sumitumo-sa3     sumitumo-W3B2

sumitumo-W3B2     sumitumo-W5B11     sumitumo-W5B114 

 sumitumo-W5C     sumitumo-W5DL     sumitumo-AN25

 sumitube K tubing     sumitube K2 tubing     sumitube KH200 tubing